SmartCUT™ – Automatically Eliminate “Air-Cuts”

SmartCUT™ eliminates time wasting “air-cuts” by using material removal simulation to detect when the tool is not engaged with the material and moving at a cutting feed. Where feasible, SmartCUT will change these air-cut motions to RAPID or high-feed; thereby, significantly reducing machining cycle time.



red-dot Rapid or high Feed Motions     green-dot Feed-rate Cutting Motions

  • SmartCUT detects positioning (i.e. RAPID) or high-feed motions that cut into the in-process stock and in addition to warning the NC programmer, will automatically reduce the feed-rate to the upcoming programmed feed to avoid tool breakage. Similarly, when leaving the material, SmartCUT will detect RAPID motions that cut the stock when leaving the part and will automatically slow down these cutting motions to the last programmed feed.
  • SmartCUT provides other settings that can: ignore air-cutting paths less than a specified length; enforce a minimum safe distance on air-cut positioning motions; and define minimum safe positioning approach and exit feed distances.
  • SmartCUT and SmartPATH when used together can significantly improve NC programs containing time wasting air-cuts. SmartCUT will detect the start point and subsequent end points of air-cut segments as normal, but instead of increasing the velocity along the programmed path, it will use SmartPATH to compute the fastest path to the start of the next cut.
  • SmartPATH takes into account the current state of the in-process stock as well as part, fixtures and machine components, when computing the shortest path to the start of the cut.
* ICAM’s Smart Technology modules are currently only available in North America and Europe and will made available in Asia in the future.
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