Factory Approved Post-Processing & Machine Simulation for Modig Machine Tools

ICAM Technologies Corporation has entered into a Strategic Marketing Agreement with Modig Machine Tool from Virserum, Sweden. This agreement provides ICAM access to Modig’s proprietary machine and controller information.

The sharing of technical knowledge and other resources allows customers to benefit from the rapid and successful integration of factory tested and proven post-processors and machine simulators for Modig’s full line of machine tools for single CAM or multi-CAM manufacturing environments.

This agreement also enables customers to benefit from ICAM’s 45 years of NC post-processing experience with multi-axis machining applications including path planning, tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data.

Additionally, ICAM’s integrated machine tool simulation solution enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs for collisions easily and automatically during post-processing, before the machine code is implemented within the production environment.

ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ Solutions for Modig Machine Tools

Adaptive Post-Processing is a unique ICAM technology that allows for NC post-processing, G-code simulation and tool-path optimization all working together in a single concurrent process. At the core of this technology, Adaptive Post-Processing relies on various ICAM products including CAM-POST®, Virtual Machine® and Control Emulator™.

CAM-POST® – ICAM’s post-processors support all major CAD/CAM/PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools on the market and include advanced forward-looking optimization features such as planning, rotary axes pre-positioning and winding to optimize the machining process while avoiding dwell marks, over-travel and rotary repositioning.

Virtual Machine® – ICAM’s machine simulator enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs, easily and automatically, against collisions and over-travel during post-processing. The post-processor can then calculate alternative options to optimize the generated NC code.

Control Emulator™ – ICAM’s control emulator is a software option that allows for the simulation of G-code. With this option, NC programmers and machine operators can verify the final G-code before running the program on the actual machine. This process enables the user to avoid costly prove-outs and reduce scrap material while increasing machine utilization on the shop floor.

Video – MODIG HHV Bar Mill Driven by ICAM’s Integrated Post-Processor & Simulator

ICAM Provides Solutions for Single or Multi-CAM Environments

About Modig

Modig Machine Tool was founded in 1948 in Virserum, Sweden. Right from the beginning, the focus was on machine building and Modig’s lathes, universal drills and machining centers that quickly became well known all over the world.

During the 1980’s Modig started to develop machining centers for high-speed machining. In 1987 the first center was introduced in the market and since then, Modig has constantly developed new and improved products for high speed machining applications.

Modig is family owned and renowned as one of the world’s leading companies within the high-speed machining technology market that specialize in aircraft production equipment. Modig’s customers usually purchase a whole concept where idea and problem solving, manufacturing, testing, training and support are all integral parts.

Boeing Airbus, SAAB, Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier and Spirit are among the companies using Modig products.

For more information, visit www.modig.se

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