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Integrated Post-Processing and Active Simulation inside NX CAM


ICAM introduces its Active post-processing solution that can run directly inside NX CAM, similar to NX CAM default post-processors (see ICAM post-processor integration video).

In order to facilitate the creation of Active Machine Simulation sessions, ICAM offers Manufacturing Extractor. Manufacturing Extractor is an automation function running inside NX CAM that allows for the automatic extraction of work-piece geometry / positioning information, tool & tool holders and the generated tool-path from NX CAM


ICAM Technologies offers Development Software & Custom Made Solutions

  • ICAM integrated post-processor and machine simulation development software allows customers to create unlimited post processors and machine simulation solutions that can be executed from a Local Area Network LAN
  • Customized dedicated solutions where post-processors are tailored to the machine and to the specific manufacturing methodology of the company

ICAM – NX Integration (21 mb)

Advantages of using ICAM post-processing solutions Vs. Default NX Solutions

  • ICAM offers Active post-processing solutions – ICAM’s post-processing technology has unique “look-ahead” functions, as well as pre-defined optimization features allowing the post-processor to make smart decisions in machine context such as automatic axis winding to avoid rotary over-travel, automatic Cartesian/Polar Strategies, axis pre-positioning and singularity avoidance.
  • ICAM post-processing solution can be tailored to support NX as well as other CAM systems with the same Active post-processor. Many companies use more than one CAM system and implementing a single powerful post-processor to automatically recognize data from NX and other CAM systems such as CATIA, Mastercam, creo and WorkNC will prove to be a valuable alternative vs. a different post-processor per machine, per CAM system.
  • ICAM offers Active Machine Simulation – ICAM’s integrated machine simulation and post-processing allows the post-processor to make smart decisions that consider actual machine kinematics. NX programmers do not need to burden themselves with defining complex approach and retract strategies, as the ICAM Active Machine Simulation working during post-processing will make the right decision based on the machine and work-piece geometry.
    ICAM also offers regular Passive G-code machine simulation that may be used on the on shop floor. This Passive machine simulation shares the same machine data base, development tools and same user interface as ICAM’s Active post-processing and Active Machine Simulation.