MAZAK Selects ICAM as its Preferred NC Post-Processor Solutions Provider


ICAM Technologies Corporation is proud to be the authorized supplier of custom post-processor for MAZAK CNC machines. This acknowledgement strengthens the relationship between two of the world’s leading developers of manufacturing technology.

MAZAK and ICAM have also agreed to share respective product information and technical resources to ensure continuous compatibility and evolution of each company’s technologies.

ICAM / MAZAK customers will benefit from increased support for MAZAK advanced controls and kinematics and ICAM’s leading edge multi-axis machining applications. Furthermore, ICAM’s NC post-processing product allows customers who use CAD / CAM systems to exploit the most advanced MAZAK machine tool technology.

With the collaborative initiatives of ICAM and MAZAK, customers can rest assured that they will have access to MAZAK state-of-the-art machining functionalities via their CAD / CAM / PLM system and ICAM’s advanced NC post-processing products.

  • CAM custom post-processor support all Mazak factory provided machine tool functions in combination with all supported “off-line” CAD / CAM programming systems
  • ICAM custom post-processors are CAD / CAM system independent solutions that can be configured for multiple CAD / CAM systems
  • ICAM custom post-processors are available for the most popular CAM systems
  • ICAM specializes in fully functional NC post-processors to support MAZAK advanced multi-axis simultaneous motion mill / turn (multi-tasking) machines
Multi-Tasking Machines
  • Integrex e-Series -1850V, 1550V, 1060V, 800V, 650HS, e500 HS and 410HS
  • Integrex Mark III – 100, 200, 300 and 400 ST/SY
  • Multiplex Series
  • Super Quick Turn series, Dual Turn Series and Quadrex
  • Cybertech Turns with milling capability
  • Nexus Quick Turn with milling capability
Multi-Axis Vertical Machining Centers

Mazak Corporation offers a number of Vertical Machining Center solutions for the manufacturing needs of its customers:

  • The Variaxis Series – 730, 630, 500
  • The Vortex Series
  • The MTV Series
  • The Versatech Series
  • The FJV Series
  • The Hypersonic Series
  • The Nexus VNC Series
Horizontal Machining Centers
  • The FF Series
  • The FH Series
  • The PFH Series
  • The HCN Series
  • The Mu Series
  • The HV Series

All Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers share a number of features that MAZAK has incorporated into the base machine. The integration of the following items have improved the overall life, stability and accuracy of the machine tool and its components:

  • Mazatrol Fusion 640 Control with both Conversational and EIA Programming
  • Spindle Chiller Units
  • Hollow Ball Screws with recirculating fluid after passing through a separate chiller unit
  • Flood Coolant
  • Niagara Coolant
  • Through Spindle Coolant
  • Linear Guides
  • Digital High Gain Servo Motors with 1,000,000 (one million) pulse per revolution encoders
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement
Mazak manufactures the most productive machine tools in the world. MAZAK meets standards of precision and reliability that are second to none in products, development, and manufacturing. The manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, the US, England, and Singapore meet the high standard of machine quality MAZAK insists on. By producing machines close to the market, MAZAK understands what its customers need to gain a competitive edge. This ability to match products to the market requirements allows MAZAK to produce innovative, high performance machines at a reasonable price. Agile manufacturing in all its factories provides consistent, high quality-machine tools.




这一伙伴关系响应了日益增长的对集成制造方案的需求。集成制造为高级多轴加工提供了最新的技术并最大限度地发挥其性能。统一的ICAM NC后置处理和机床仿真解决方案将使制造业的用户能更容易地应用高级DMG机床的功能。

内置的ICAM DMG NC后置处理驱动器提高生产效率


  • 支持高级机床功能、例如对刀尖编程、坐标系转换、NURBS插值与拟合以及点到点数据的圆弧拟合
  • 集成机床仿真器,Virtual Machine,检测及避免碰撞、超程和过切现象
  • CAM-POST提供高级的内置优化功能,提高加工效率和生产率
  • NC后置处理所拥有的大型数据库使用户能够轻松地在NC机床之间交换加工任务
  • 含有高级预处理优化,如刀具轨迹计划制定、旋转轴位置预设和偏转移避免停留刀痕和超程,必要时在轮廓加工中重新设定旋转轴位置
  • 简单的”指向- 点击”向导是初学者也能够创建高级NC后置处理驱动器
  • 通过高级ISO后编程功能,CAM-POST用户能够自创加工方案
  • 支持绝大多数CAD / CAM / PLM系统和CNC设备
  • CAM-POST可以支持所有主要的硬件平台上运行,如UNIX和Windows
DMG, the technological leader in the field of metal cutting machine tools, presents its customers with innovative production solutions to increase productivity, flexibility and precision and also offers a comprehensive spectrum of DMG services to maximize customer care and satisfaction.







  • 提高生产率的有效工具
  • 保护MFR工具和NC机床
  • 确保NC机床的特性得到充分发挥
  • 保证支持所有NC机床的标准功能
  • 高速切削功能模拟
  • 相切ARC和NURBS拟合
  • 探针测量循环
  • 特殊循环
  • 子程序
  • 特殊机床运动学
  • 独特的行业领先主轴设计
  • 水平主轴
  • 集成铁削清除及过滤
  • 托盘自动更换
  • 倾斜工位
  • 自动换刀
  • 双滚珠丝杠及更长的线性导轨
  • 标尺




使用中的 MAG4 主轴


MAG3 托盘更换器


MAG3 Spindle


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ICAM and OMAX® Corporation Partner for Multiple CAM Interfaces


ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) & OMAX Corporation (OMAX) processing software that easily connects OMAX & MAXIEM® abrasive waterjet machines with all major CAD/CAM systems, including CATIA, ProE (Creo Parametric), SIEMENS NX & Mastercam.

OMAX makes abrasive waterjet machining simple & precise through its exclusive Intelli-MAX® control software that is available on all OMAX and MAXIEM branded waterjet machines. By combining Intelli-MAX with advanced NC post-processors from ICAM, OMAX & MAXIEM owners stand to benefit from the sophisticated features that coincide with high-end 3D CAD/CAM packages.

For example, OMAX and MAXIEM waterjet operators can program complex multi-axis tool paths, while simultaneously achieving the speed and accuracy that comes with the Intelli-MAX Software Suite. Furthermore, operators can program multi-process tool paths within a single CAD/CAM system.
OMAX is collaborating with ICAM, because of their extensive skills & experience implementing and supporting advanced machining applications. OMAX is especially impressed with ICAM’s manufacturing expertise within the aerospace & automotive sectors, because these are two of the many industry segments that greatly benefit from the speed and flexibility of OMAX waterjet machines.


Headquartered in Kent, Washington, OMAX® Corporation is the global leader in abrasivejet machining. Each OMAX JetMachining® Center & MAXIEM® JetCutting Center is powered by the company’s innovative control software, bringing affordable abrasivejet technology to an expanding and diverse group of industries.

For more information on OMAX products and accessories, contact OMAX at 800-838-0343 or visit www.omax.com.

ICAM & Dörries Scharmann Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement


ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) has signed a Strategic Marketing Agreement (SMA) with Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (DST), a leading provider of CNC machine tools designed for drilling, turning, boring, milling and grinding applications primarily catered to the aerospace and defense industries.

The main purpose of this agreement is to assure the successful integration of ICAM’s NC post-processing and machine tool simulation technology with DST machine tools through the exchange of technical knowledge and product information including DST’s commercially available machine and control specifications. ICAM’s post-processors will enable end-users to take full advantage of sophisticated DST machine tool features and functionalities via their respective CAD / CAM systems.

Additionally, ICAM and DST have agreed to collaborate on strategic marketing initiatives as well as to promote each other’s products and services within the NC manufacturing market.

DST customers will also benefit from ICAM’s extensive NC post-processing experience with advanced multi-axes machining applications and techniques such as high-speed machining, tool-tip programming, coordinate frame transformations, NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data.

Virtual Machine Model – DST FOGS


Droop + Rein FOGS D40


Furthermore, Virtual Machine® may be deployed as an integrated productivity tool to ICAM’s NC post-processing technology to create a powerful machine tool simulation environment allowing NC programmers to optimize and test programs against collisions and over-travel automatically during post-processing.
“We are pleased to work with ICAM to offer integrated ICAM NC post-processor and simulation solutions to simplify and accelerate the machine tool implementation process of our customers,” said Michael Schedler, DST’s Head of Marketing. “ICAM’s on-going collaboration with SIEMENS allows them to create proven NC post-processors for the SINUMERIK 840D, the most widely used controller for our machines.”

“DST is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality multi-axes CNC machines to the aerospace and defense industries,” says Sam Chehab, ICAM’s VP, Sales and Marketing. “This newly formed business relationship provides end-users easier access to DST’s advanced machine tool features using ICAM’s advanced solutions concurrently with all major and multiple CAD / CAM / PLM systems.”

Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH (DST) delivers machine tools from Dörries, Droop + Rein, Scharmann Berthiez and Mecof with well proven outstanding performances for drilling, turning, boring, milling and grinding of medium and large size components. For decades DST products have been employed on many different applications worldwide. DST has developed a level of know-how which is state-of-the-art in many areas. DST machine tools are used to solve the most demanding machining tasks efficiently and to the highest standards in terms of accuracy.

DST delivers the machining technologies for its customers to solve specific machining tasks in an economical way. For more information visit: www.ds-technologie.de.

ICAM – FOREST-LINÉ Integration


A post processor is the critical component between a CAM system and machine tool and alows users to properly drive their CNC machine.

Integration of FOREST-LINÉ CNC machines with Flexitool into CAD / CAM / PLM manufacturing process using the ICAM PSE solution.

  • Optimize the use of FOREST-LINÉ CNC machines
  • Integrate CNC machines to major CAD/CAM systems (CATIA, NX, Creo, WorkNC, PowerMill, Mastercam and more…)
  • Easily switch a job to different CNC machines
  • Unique technology where simulation dynamically impacts post-processing to avoid collisions
  • Integrated post-processing and machine simulation in one software
  • Automatic setup of the Flexitool based on location
  • Machine simulation synchronized with machine simulation
  • Dynamic actuator retraction to avoid any collision with the tool
  • Allows to take full advantage of FOREST-LINÉ machines