CAM-POST FOUNDATION is a fast and easy-to-use Post-processor Development Tool specifically designed to give you control over the development of post-processors for your 3 axis milling and 2 axis lathe machines. Incorporating over 40 years of industry leading CNC expertise and knowledge, CAM-POST Foundation places industry’s most advanced, intuitive, and flexible post development technology at your fingertips.

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CAM-POST Foundation uses the same interface and core technology as ICAM’s flagship product, CAM-POST®. Foundation is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce yourself to ICAM’s advanced manufacturing suite of products! Try CAM-POST Foundation for 30 days for FREE! It’s quick and easy to get started!

Foundation simple to learn and comes with comprehensive video tutorials and 50 ready-to-use post-processors that can be adapted to your specific requirements. Periodically additional post-processors will be uploaded to the CAM-POST Foundation Down Center, directly from ICAM or Foundation users.


Only $49.95/Month Download a 30-Day Free Trial!

As a Foundation user, you don’t need to rely on third party services to help you get (and keep) your machines up and running and to reach their maximum potential. Third party post suppliers rarely have the same unique knowledge about your machining environment as you do, or are as focused and flexible as you’d like.

With CAM-POST Foundation at your fingertips, you can respond rapidly to your own machining environment’s unique needs by being in control of your post-processing needs on time and per your specifications.

CAM-POST FOUNDATION includes 50 metric & 50 imperial controller-based post-processors that are ready to execute inside major CAD/CAM systems such as CATIA, NX and Mastercam. All these post-processors can be edited to add specific machine tool functions (spindle speed, machine feedrate, coolant, tool change events, program header preferences, etc.) and can be shared by all CAM-POST FOUNDATION users. They can also be used as templates to create completely new controller-based post-processors in addition to the library provided in CAM-POST FOUNDATION.

As a standard feature, CAM-POST FOUNDATION includes a unique comprehensive “point and click” Wizard that allows even the most novice users to generate advanced NC post-processors quickly and effectively.

The Wizard easily guides users through all the various steps involved when creating NC post-processors by using illustrated sets of instructions, which provide an intuitive graphical interface for effortless definition of machine kinematics, axis sign conventions and travel limitations.

Visual Debugger traces and synchronizes the CL file input, NC code output, macro code and diagnostic messages produced during post-processing. The user can view or change any post-processor variable on the fly, in a single integrated workbench. Breakpoints can be set and cleared with the mouse pointer on CL records, macro source, when variables change or when certain blocks are output.

Arc fitting
You can add the Arc fitting option to any post-processor you create by simply dragging and dropping the function, or inserting it into a Macro logic.

High Speed Machining (HSM)
You can output HSM from your CAM-POST Foundation developed post-processor to take advantage of your machine tool capabilities.

Full look ahead capabilities
The ICAM advanced macro language allows the user to use Look Ahead features in order to anticipate event coming later on in the tool path definition.

CAM-POST Foundation manages the machine capabilities
Your CAM-POST Foundation post-processor can calculate machining time based on tool path information from your CAM system, and also machine minimum and maximum feed rate available per axis. If the programmed spindle speed or feed rate is not compatible with the one on your machine, your post-processor will automatically set it to what is possible and generate an appropriate warning.

CAM-POST Foundation can be used both inside and outside of your favorite CAM systems
Your CAM-POST Foundation post-processor can run interactively inside CATIA, as well as NX and Mastercam CAM systems. It also has the ability to run outside of your CAM systems.

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